Hi, I'm Rhonda Muller

I created a system that will get you consistent clients and position you as the authority in the minds of your market.

A Little More About Me

Following My Passion

Today I couldn't be happier doing what I love and continuing to work with amazing women so they have a business that offers them financial and lifestyle freedom.   Being a self published author myself, I decided this year to help other women get their message out into the world in a bigger way, by bringing their Brilliance Into Book Form.

My Coaching Business Began

I decided to take the leap and follow my passion of helping women and utilise my business and sales expertise.

By coaching them in their self made businesses, showing them how to turn their passion into a steady stream of clients.  

Business Boutique Owner 

After a move to the country, I started her very own Business Boutique, a small shop Country Rose Studio, where I sold homewares, furniture and my very own signature label double scented candles.  

This hit the mark as I am a creative by nature, but, I missed the intellectual piece and challenging my mind.  

After the town was hit by a crippling drought, I decided to shut shop and move back home, near my children and grandchildren.  Family always come first for me.

Ambitious Corporate Leader

Before starting my own business, I spent 25 years in the corporate arena building multi-million dollar high performing sales teams.  

People are my passion, I am a motivator at heart and will do whatever it takes to help someone achieve their goal.  

I achieved many sales awards and led many initiatives, received 17 career promotions is those 25 years. 

Ready To Work With Me & Get Consistent Clients