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Lately I've noticed that the traditional "I help" statement never feels complete to most coaches & experts.

I would say this was my number one pain point, when I started out, not knowing how to describe what I do, so that others just got it and connected with how I could help them.

I wanted a statement that connected with my potential clients, that said exactly what I do, so I could help that person that has the exact problem I show them how to solve.

It always felt as if I didn’t fully express everything I could help them achieve and what I was saying definitely didn’t stand me out from the crowd at all.   

I kept changing my messaging, trying to find that message that completely resonated with what I do.  “I help” just made me feel like one of the others.  What this did, was leave my potential clients wondering what I actually did do.

There is for good reason: most "I help" statements are short brief statements and they only really have room to state  who you are, your business name and a demographic point or two about the ideal client.

Many start out with Hi my name is XXX my business is XXX and I XXXX.   That is all about you, no connection there at all.   Some others you may see online are:

  • Like "Reach $10K/month"
  • Or "40+ women create the life of their dreams"

And sometimes it'll include "without X."

  • Like "reach $10k/month without paid ads."
  • Or "lose 10kgs without tracking macros.”

Get this, without that!  Make more money, without sacrificing your time… you know how it goes.

None of this really gives enough information, nor does it speak to the problem that my ideal clients have.   That problem I know I can help them solve pretty quickly.   So it's understandable that it didn’t feel comfortable or accurate or complete enough for me.

Or to my potential clients either.

I knew I was not alone in this, as I would see many other women doing the same thing at networking events, changing up how they described what they do and who they help.

The good news is, with organic marketing there's really not much of a need for an "I help" statement at all.

With organic marketing, the way in which potential clients start paying attention to you is that they come across your profile (either because someone told them about you or because you sent them a friend request) and they start reading your posts.

Now these posts usually range from 500-1000 words long and give far more information about how you help.   Because you have stepped into showing others WHAT TO DO, rather than telling others WHAT YOU DO.

Your post is a connection post, sharing your knowledge and your wisdom and your followers just get to know you for the work you do and the type of advice you offer in your posts.  

Say goodbye to those 30 second pitches, elevator pitches or what ever else it may be called of late and say hello to your Potential Client Connection Post.  

The Potential Client Connection Post, shares your knowledge, helps your potential clients solve a problem, they get to know first hand what you do because you are helping them solve that burning problem they have.  

Some of my clients get stuck on what to post on social media to attract their ideal clients.   This is the reason I created the Potential Client Connection Post because it showcases their expertise.

You can tell others what you do and it may resonate with some, but when you show people what you do in your connection posts, they get to see your level of knowledge and how you can help them, that is when they become clients.

Summary:   Start sharing your knowledge in your Potential Client Connection Posts.

The concept of a one-sentence elevator pitch actually makes sense when you think about why it was originally developed:

It's for the situation when you meet someone IN PERSON, and have their attention for a short amount of time (like the length of an elevator ride), and need to give the most important information as quickly as possible so that they will want to learn more.

An elevator pitch is still perfect for that, because when you're actually in an in-person 1:1 interaction with someone, who WOULDN'T ask for more information, if only to be polite?

For that purpose I have developed The Potential Client Connection Statement  you can view that post here and its there for your one on one situations.

But that same dynamic doesn't transfer well to an online situation, where you are looking to stand out from the crowd. 

And if you would like some  help to write this Potential Client Connection Post as well as creating your Potential Client Connection Statement that's a part of what I do in my 30-day 1-on-1 SCALE program.

You can DM me on FB if you're interested in that. More information on the program is available here.

Live Your Best Life, Rhonda 


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