Turn What You Know Into Dough

Need a plan to win business, connect with people so you have a business that sets you financially free then this is the plan you have been looking for.

Fab, Fifty, Free & Flexible...


Are you 50 or over, do you have a business you created from your expertise? 

Running your own online business has never been easier than it is today, with the freedom to choose what you do and the flexibility in the hours we work and the luxury of doing it all from home,  it is such a great opportunity for women who are just way too young to retire and far too experienced to quit.    

Don't let the millennials have all the fun, Turn what you know into dough, take the course today! 


Get clarity on what you do, so when you tell others, you don't have to explain, because people just get it.   It's a no brainer for them to choose to work with you

Imagine being able to pick and choose who you work with, because you have clients flooding in, that is what happens when you master your message, people instantly get what you do, the decision to work with you becomes an easy decision for them to make


Simplify so you attract clients easily. 

When you simplify what you do, condensed into just one program that you offer, it takes the mystery out of marketing and the salesy out of selling.  Attract clients that are ready to buy from you.   


When you are selling your expertise you are selling the invisible 

Knowledge is a powerful thing, however, it is invisible and difficult to sell, turning what you know into dough, means turning your knowledge into a product that you can easily sell.   Your conversations become about helping, not selling 

Here at Elevate we are on a mission to change the businesses of 10,000 Female Fifty-Preneurs so they build a business that sets them financially free

what do we do

We show women in our community the exact steps they need to take to build real momentum into their businesses

  • We know that while you are watching others to learn, you are not growing your own business. 
  • So we focus on giving you the tools that get you doing what works., so you get going and growing
  • We take the guesswork out of doing, so you are taking action that consistently grows your business, we are committed to showing you the way to achieve your business goals, through doing and learning with our bite sized business boosters, try one out for free.

What Our Clients Say

angie rassi 

-find your bling

Rhonda is extremely generous with her time and is very knowledgeable on how to stay on track with your sales.   Nothing is too much trouble, ask her anything and she will have an answer or find out for you.  If you are looking for genuine support, I encourage you to join Rhonda's Momentum Program, It's full of useful tools and strategies and she is absolutely wonderful to work with.  

Running my own business has always been something I have wanted to do. I have this burning desire to help other women become the next success story. I am a realist and I know through my own experience, results follow action.  

To build a business that supports both your family and sets you financially free you have to become laser focussed on your daily activity and build day by day, with an aim for building momentum.  

That is why all the training I provide you with will involve, daily actions that build momentum into your business, when we work together, we aim for and celebrate progress on a daily basis.


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