3 Life Lessons Learnt From Highly Successful Coaches

1. Be Yourself

Recently, I noticed one of my coaches, advertised for a VA, a very pleasant add, she was looking for someone that was committed and eager to learn.   When I  saw this add I thought nothing more of it, other than, great XX is hiring someone to help her out.   

I noticed a comment that was posted directly  under her add,  why would I want to work for you, when you can’t even get the grammar in your add correct….  Whew I thought, immediately, the words “negative nelly” come into my head.   Then I saw the response from my coach she had simply replied “All The Best” 

Wow, I could not be sure that I would have responded in the exact same professional manner that my coach replied.  This was a very valuable lesson in Emotional Intelligence for me.   

The lesson here is to  accept that there will always be people that disagree with you and some that may even be unkind, the more you put yourself and your services out there, the greater the likelihood of this happening becomes.   

It comes down to your choice on how you respond, one thing to remember, respond, don't react.

2. Keep Moving Forward

We all set goals that we want to achieve, if we are really stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone, these goals will seem like such a long way off.   It took me awhile to realise that success is not the destination, it is the journey.  

So what that means is that all those little things that you do daily, track test and tweak, are the only things that will get you to your goal, this is the journey.  

It is very easy to become distracted into doing all the things us creatives love to do it's the down and out boring stuff, that you dislike doing, the incremental steps that will move you towards what you want to achieve.

The lesson I learnt, set milestones, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  This is the best advice I was given, most of all, just keep moving forward and remember if it is not measured, it is not managed.

3. Stay Focussed

There is a common denominator when it comes to achievement, one personality attribute I have picked up that  the most successful women in business possess is that:

They are obsessed with getting what they want, they do not waiver one bit from their goals, they take action and believe in what they are doing, they do not let small failures hold them back.  

If you are someone that is passionate about your purpose and on a mission to help others get what they want, become obsessed with it, don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way…   Stay focussed.

When you can apply these three principles into your daily actions, you will be well on your way to building a full proof business that reaches the level you believe it can.

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