Get Clients Fast

3 Ways To Get Clients Fast

Don't be a jack of all trades.

The best advice I was given was to not be a Jack of all trades - This is probably the most important thing I learnt  as a coach, the one thing that many coaches do not know.   We all want to get clients fast, work with the right clients, Ideal clients, Right?

The most successful  coaches I have worked with make sure  they put in the time and effort into really focusing on what their specialty is.

Probably the biggest mistake that many business owners make – not just coaches – is not working through this step. A common misconception is that if I narrow down what I do, I won't have such a big market, I will be narrowing down the number of clients I attract to work with.  It really is quite the opposite, if you don't narrow down what you do to a particular specialty, you are opting to send your messages out to the many, of which no one will identify themself in your message.

2.Design Your Specialty

Seth Godin, writes about this in his new book "This is Marketing" he speaks about writing your marketing messages as if you were writing to just 10 people.  The best writers do this, they speak to someone, just one person as they write.   Who will you speak to in each blog you write, from now on?

We all want a group of people to market to, the more specific this group is the more successful our marketing campaigns will be.    Why?  Because we speak their language, they resonate with what we are saying, just as if.... we have written the message for them, just as if... we read their mind.  By honing in on your specialty you know exactly what it is you'll be providing your clients, you'll go above and beyond what is expected of you because you enjoy what you are doing and connecting with like minded people.   All of your marketing messages can be designed to reach that one type of client you are looking for.   

How it Works 

Let's take a look at an example of how to narrow down your offerings.  Just say you're a “coach” or even a “life coach.” Those are two very general terms that don't describe your niche or specialty at all and will not attract the person you are looking to work with. A better option is to say your specialty is a business coach who works with (Who) women in their 40's to 60's  (What)  just getting started with a new online venture. (How) I show them how to attract clients through social media.   Whenever you are describing what you do, think about it like this.  You take your ideal client on a journey from one destination to another.   I call this struggle street to easy street.   There are quite a number of steps that you will take your client through along their journey from struggle street, to easy street.

List all the Steps, then take these steps and choose 2 to 3 of the steps on this journey you have created and focus on helping clients with just these 2 - 3 things.  

As an example, your speciality is Health & Fitness Coaching, your 2-3 stages could be Food, Exercise & Mindset, that is all you ever write about, make videos about etc. So, as you can see, focusing on your specialty "the one thing" will help ensure that you are only attracting people who fit your ideal client profile and who you will enjoy working with most. This is exactly what you need when it comes to building a profitable online business you're excited about.  Think about this as 1,2,3.

  1. Demographics, age, location, income  (Who)
  2. Goals & Challenges, What are they experiencing now & how you can help move them forward to towards a solution  (From Struggle Street to Easy Street)
  3. Where are they, which social media platform are they on and most importantly how can you engage in a conversation with them

This is so important, you really want to craft a message that attracts the right client, the specific client for the specific problem that you solve, The most successful coaches do this very well and they specialise in one thing and one thing only.   It doesn't narrow down who you can work with, it helps you to find your ideal clients that you want to work with, that are ready to buy from you, because they see you as their solution.   

3. Give Yourself A Title

Consider what you want to be known for, say :that marketing lady, that massage lady, that sales lady, no matter what your niche is, make sure you are very clear on what you want to be known for and name yourself, before someone gives you a title you are not happy with. 

I remember reading an article on a doctor that helped clients get over reflux and stomach problems.  The media named him "Dr Vomit"  It probably does explain what he does, however, I am sure he would have preferred another name that wasn't quite so "out there".  So have a think about what you would like to be known for and start to call yourself that name, people will catch on and you will become known for that one thing.   Examples come to the top of my mind are:  The story stylist, the publishing queen, the dog whisperer, the baby whisperer, sugarmamma, just to name a few.  Think about what your title is and begin to promote that very thing you do.   Get famous for it and make a motza, most of all remember to have fun doing it!   Rhonda  xxx


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