In My Heart I Know I Have Been Put Here On This Earth To Help Others In A Bigger Way

The Corporate World

I was working for a great company with great people, leading and developing teams, high performance was my forte.   Sales were through the roof, I had to pinch myself I was working in a job I loved, with teams of high performers that just went for gold.   Great teams with great results was my story!

I Got Promoted

Promotion was nothing new to me, I had 17 promotions in my 25 years working in corporate, this one was different.   This was my opportunity to have a say in new processes that rolled out to our teams, this was operations and continuous improvement.   To cut the long story short, I fell out of love with my job, I missed leading people and being in teams, so I did what any strong minded woman would do. I ditched the 9-5 working for someone else. 

I Started My Own Business

Everyone challenged me, was I crazy to give up such a lucrative career.  Now I spend my days doing what I love, helping other women create their own businesses doing what they love.   I help them to put all the moving parts of running their business, into manageable tasks.  So they can focus their time on bringing in new business, nurturing the clients they have and  being around for their family and friends.  

Hi I'm Rhonda

I am a self made business owner, starting from scratch, just like you, we learn along the way in these kinds of businesses, don't we?   However, there is a fast path and that is to get support and encouragement and work with someone that shows you the right steps to take to get where you want to go so much quicker.

Every business started of as a seed of an idea, before it grew into the business it is today!

Think about how exciting that is for your business, what could your business become?

Book in a coffee chat over zoom with Rhonda & take away a few ideas that you can implement into your business today!