Basic Selling 101

The Very First Thing To Decide Is Are You Selling Goods or Services

So think of it like this, when we buy something it is because we either want it or need it.

Want Items

Items that fall into the want list could be, fancy cars, diamond rings, luxury items, holidays, electronics the list goes on.  Most of us want something at one time or the other, however, our life would not stop if we didn't get the want items, it comes down to how many of these we can afford and these items usually fall in with our goals, we have to save for them, not buy them as easily.

Need Items

Then there are the need items, these are the items we use on a daily basis, food, hygiene items, utensils you know all those things you use in your everyday life, these are the high demand products usually sold on mass.

There is a higher demand for need items, because with a need item there is usually a problem being solved by the product.   If you are in the service industry, selling your knowledge, this is where you will want to focus.  When you sell a product that solves a problem, you're not actually selling, you are solving someone’s problem for them, you are helping them, they will love you for taking away their painful problem.  

“If no one needs what your selling, then obviously there will be no sales”


"If you havn't niched down your problem to a dream client, there will be no sales"

So how do you find a problem first, then identify a product or service that you can sell that solves the problem, look within, what problems are you having right now.   

Let me give you an example from my own home.

Many of us have iPhones, they all have the same cords, at my house we have my husband, my son and I, so we have three, then the kids come to visit and all of a sudden we have seven iPhones and cords in the house.   Now I like to keep my cord in immaculate condition, however not all the charging cords are in as good a nick as each other.

Kids are about to leave and everyone is scrambling for their iPhone cord to take home, needless to say, we don’t know who's is who and I usually get caught with the dodgy one, when everyone has gone home.

The Problem:   No one ever knows which cord is theirs

The Solution:  I come across these cord name tags, what a great idea, I thought, now when the kids come, I can name  label their cords, mine already has its name tag on, all of a sudden my problem went away, solved yeah!  With a purchase of name tags for the cords.

So I want you to now think about, the problem that your product/service solves, keep it to one sentence if your can.  Then link your product/service to the solution just as I have done above.

One problem/One solution, so your marketing messages are not diluted.  All of a sudden you are not selling, you are helping solve a problem.

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