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Join one of our exclusive Mastermind communities and collaborate with a group of powerful women for mutual accountability, motivation, fresh ideas and strategy. We carefully place you with the right group of up to 6 individuals who are committed to achieve their business goals and will help you reach yours. 

Are You Ready to Join an Exclusive Mastermind Community? We Can't Wait to Meet You!

You know the saying you become most like the 5 people you spend your time with, are the people you hang with challenging you to be more, to do more and to have more?  If not, this is the community for you!

Mastermind  Circle Of Influence

Our mastermind groups meet once a month and are facilitated by our professional lead coach, Rhonda Muller to ensure the group stays on track and each person gets the benefit of collaboration, coaching and community through their involvement and investment in the group. 

“Working on your own in your own business, can get a little lonely, connect with women all on the same journey you are on, bounce ideas around and learn from each other

Having a business of your own, does not have to mean doing everything alone

It can get lonely being a solo business owner, no team to bounce ideas off, no one to catch up with at the coffee machine.   Just you the strategist, marketer, saleswoman, customer service officer and accountant.  Expand your circle of influence and take your business up a notch,    Join a mastermind community and connect with business owners building their businesses on passion, purpose and transformation for their clients, get valuable advice from women who have walked the path before you. 

Advice or opinion

Are you relying on your family and friends to help you decide what next steps to take in your business, are you allowing opinions to take over.  We all have opinions, especially when it comes to others, we all have the best of intentions and an opinion on what they should do in their business.   However, this is just that, an opinion, it only becomes advice when it comes from someone who is in a business and has walked the path you are on, someone more like a mentor or a coach.  

Join a mastermind community and connect with women running businesses based on passion, purpose and coaching transformations, get valuable advice from women who are on the same journey you are on, collaborate, share ideas, refer to each other and develop winning strategies, most of all champion each other to success.  

Does This Sound Like You?


I go to networking which I love, there are all kinds of people, some have a business of their own, some are employees of businesses, no one really gets what I do that well.   The advice I get at these networking events is good advice and is general at best, not specific to my business  


I was stuck at home listening to Hubbie/Mum on how I should do things in my business, they had some good ideas, but I soon realised, they don't have or run a business, I realised what they offered me was an opinion, not tried and tested business advice, It's now time to make connections that will amplify my business. 


Days roll into weeks and I am still getting the same results, a client here and there, nothing like the clientele I had envisioned when I started out on this business venture.  I'm now ready to turn the page on this and try something different.  Meet new people, get new ideas and challenge myself to do more, be more and have more, I'm ready to have a business I am proud to call my own

Join The  Circle of Influence Mastermind

Connect with Women of Substance, that have true grit and a burning desire to achieve big things in their business, women who want to next level up their circle of influence, connect with more people and are not afraid to say they want to make more money in their business.

   The Investment is $97.00 Per Month Payable 1st Business Day Of The Month 

Rhonda Muller

I found myself networking, but also found many of the women I was connecting with were women who were employed by others, had a bricks and mortar business, retail outlet and operated their business out of premises. Having ran my own bricks and mortar business, I knew there to be a difference to how we work,  I work from home, my business address is online and my team consisted of just me, myself and I.   I wondered how many other women felt the way that I did, a bit lonely and a bit isolated, so I decided to create a mastermind group, where we all could meet once a month, challenge each others actions and develop new strategies that take our businesses to a whole new level.  One thing I know for sure is that none of us is as smart as all of us and a problem shared is a problem halved, come along and join a mastermind, it will be the best thing you do for your business, it will challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone and bring rapid results into your business.

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