May 8


Coaching Is Not Your Business

It wasn't that long ago, when I was being advised to describe what I do and who I do it for, when I was starting out, one of my coaches told me that if I got this elevator pitch thing right, I would get clients!  I would say I am a business coach and I help you to grow your business, sure I got a few clients, but I always seemed to be chasing for more clients.

It took me longer than I care to admit, that I was not aware that coaching was not my business.    What you do mean you may ask?   Well to put it simply coaching is the process that takes place, for you to take someone from the place they are at to the place they want to be.

Coaching is the art of asking the right questions to uncover the things that may be holding your client back, then working on some actions to take that will move them closer towards their goals and doing this until they reach their desired goal.

Coaching was not my business, transformation was, it was only when I discovered how to talk about the results I got for my clients, that I began to attract the right people to me, instead of saying I help my clients grow their business (which is the what I do) I started to talk about selling high ticket (the how I help clients grow their business).  

People don't buy the what, they buy the "How" they want to know what they are buying the steps you will take them through and more importantly they want to know the end result they are paying you to give them.     From then on, I learned that people buy results not programs.    Just imagine I was a fitness trainer and I sold bootcamp sessions.    My program was called "Best Bootcamp Ever"  sounds ok but it is not results driven, but, If I sold "5kg Off Bootcamp" that tells me more about what I am buying.    If I had to lose 5kg and I was doing the bootcamp to lose weight.   This kind of boot camp would be for me.   I would say, YES! that's me I want to lose 5kg.   

If you can turn what you do, into a program that says the results you give, you are a good part of the way there.   If your program is really specific, like 10 steps to 10K weeks/months etc.   That is what people will pay you for, if they can see what you offer is what they want in some type of measurable.   Then you are likely to sign more clients.  Try this out, create your program and call it a results driven name, you will begin to grow instantly....  people buy results not programs.


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