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Our Approach

Teaching practitioners and coaches to take their professional education, their ideas and 

their passion and turn it into an online business that gets clients

Doing Business The Modern Business Way

The Business world is evolving, with the introduction of online businesses, modern day business women that work from home, now populating around 76% of the small business market.  Flexibility in work hours, passion and purpose have now become the new key business drivers and financial freedom seals the deal.   

With players emerging into the market daily, to be successful in the modern day business world there is a real need to have complete clarity on the work you do and build on that solid foundation.  It's no longer about how hard you work or the effort you put in.  It is about how well you are able to promote your business and tell the world what you do. 


Marketing The Modern Business Womens Best Friend

The confidence to promote and sell your services, has now become the deal breaker. It is exciting to see so many women doing their thing online and building a business and life they love.   This is now very real and very achievable.

The emerging knowledge industry is predicted to grow to some $325B by the year 2025.   This is an increase of $10B since 2015.    The major player in this industry is e-Learning, there has been an increased trend in packaging your services into a program, that then becomes an online course.

One on One Coaching Is Now Bringing Top Dollar

Time has now become a more precious commodity as the more affordable and convenient way to learn business growth strategies, is currently an online course that can be completed in your own home in your own time.

So how does your business fair amongst all of this? Many fall into the trap of believing if they build it they will come.   They decide on their business, based on their own expertise and set up their website and social platforms, head out to network. 

They tell everyone in their own words what they do, they get some interest, however, overall their effort is not equal to the income they believed they would make from their business venture.  

The Road Becomes Rocky & The Path Unclear

Overwhelm and self doubt are now becoming their new best friends.  So what can be done about it?  Knowledge and expertise are just not enough, although necessary, the ability to identify and have complete clarity over the problem that your perfect people want solved, is what will get your business back on track. 

The word NICHE has been well and truly overused in this market, however, what this actually means is to decide the problem that your business solves and go out and find your perfect people that have that very problem and it’s a business made in heaven.  

Fit For Business

Fit For Business© pulls all the pieces of the puzzle together, everything that is done in the online business world revolves around two core fundamentals.   A business that solves a problem and a perfect person that has the problem.

I became a NLP practitioner, I researched online business,  attended networking events, studied successful online business owners and added my own business leadership and sales expertise to the mix and came up with a program that covers all of which I have spoken about above.     Fit For Business© gives you Clarity, Confidence & Connection all three are paramount to the success of your online business.