Women Of Substance

Come on over and connect with  Women all creating businesses from their expertise. Expand your Circle Of Influence with  Women all working together, all on the same journey to connect and grow their online presence, connect and promote your business  


Experience The Power Of Coaching In Your Business and Your Life

The Story of the 10K Months Blueprint

We start with your story, in a sea of sameness this is the very thing that will get you to stand out of the crowd.   We dig deep and explore why you started the business you are in and how you can use this as the foundation to help others.

Together we create your product, that product that you are passionate and excited about, the one thing you know your clients want, that thing they have been using all their time and effort to get, but it's just not happening for them, when they see you have the steps for them to get exactly what they want, it's a no brainer to come and work with you.   

Then we get moving onto  finding clients that fit who you are wanting to work with, we do this with strategies for connecting online and offline.   Having meaningful conversations about what you do and what they will actually achieve by working with you

Plus much, much more in this 6 month program, you will develop the skills required to not only have 10K months, to have 20K months and 50k months, just multiply the system out and make more and more money.

Does this sound like you?

Are you constantly having to chase to sign on new clients in your coaching or consulting business, that alone is an indicator that what you are doing has gaps.   The 10K months blueprint has been designed to fill those gaps and get you connecting with the right people at the time they are ready to work with you. 

Imagine, no more wasting your time on facebook feeds, no more watching others and taking advice on what they say to build your business.   Your time is simply spent doing the work in your own business, connecting with the kind of people you want to work with.  

Imagine people joining your waitlist and asking you if they can join your program, that is what you can expect after  mastering this blueprint

The 10K Months Blueprint

This is the blueprint that gets you one client per week, there is a step by step system to follow and you have to do the work, however, the payoff is well worth it.   Don't guess what's going to get you clients, anymore, when this blueprint has been created with you in mind.   To get you building momentum into your business and is available for you to follow step by step as you create the business you have always dreamt of having.   

This is a 6 month program, with the foundational pieces being set up over the first month, then the steps being implemented over the coming months.   Progress takes time, there is no magic bullet to building a six figure business, however, there is a progressive way to do it.   That is why I stay with you as we have a weekly session to monitor your progress and bust through any roadblocks as they appear so we build momentum, implement the steps in the blueprint and as you progress over time, your months will become, 20k months, 30k months as this is a blueprint that once imbedded into your business can be multiplied to any level you desire.