November 8

Idea or Opportunity

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Not so long ago, when one of my coaches asked me, is my business an idea or an opportunity.  I was not sure what they meant at that time, fast forward and now I know exactly what was meant by that question.

Businesses are created on both ideas and opportunities, let me explain.

A business that is created from an idea usually goes like this, you may have worked in an industry for a while, become very skilled and decided you do not want to work for an employer and so you make the decision to work for yourself.  

You take what you were doing in job and you create a business doing it, marketing, nutrition, fitness, health, wealth, retail, human resources, accountancy and all of the trades etc.    

All of these fit into the idea bucket, they begin with a skill that is turned into a business, you become the owner of the business in the skill you have.   These are all necessary industries to a community, which use them and become your clientele.

Then there is other thing "the business opportunity", whereby you have experienced something, some type of problem, found the solution to the problem that you had and know there are a lot more people out there that have this exact same problem, so you decide to create a business to solve that actual problem, software companies, inventors, specialised coaches, marketers and other professional services, tend to go in this direction.

This is where these two are very different, so listen carefully.

The ideas business: creates the business, then goes and finds clients that may use their services on a generic level.

The opportunity business: solves a specific problem and goes to find people that have the very problem their business solves, they "nail their niche".

The opportunity business works best for coaches and experts as it solves a specific problem someone maybe experiencing, it refines right down to the solution it offers, that attracts the right people that have that very problem.

When I started out I was in the idea bucket, a business coach that helps you to grow your business, utilising my leadership and sales skills.  I struggled to attract the right clients to work with.  

Now I have nailed my niche, I help female entrepreneurs take the monotony out of marketing, the fear out of selling, the overwhelm out of doing and the uncertainty out of working in their own business, so they have a business that sets them financially free.

Look at your business, are you an idea business, many areas of expertise, selling to a mass market of people, or are you an opportunity business, nailing your niche right down to the people that have the problem you solve.  

When you can turn your business into an opportunity and identify with the people that have the problem your business solves, you will attract the right kind of people to work with.

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