“I was taught that the way of progress was neither fast nor easy.”

- Rhonda Muller

“Every big business started off as a small idea that someone had with big dreams attached to it”

I worked in teams for 25 years, first as the team member, then as the leader, the driver of getting results through others, building high performance teams became my forte.   It's what I do, what I love and how I believe I make an impact in the lives of others. your text here...

Then it changed, I missed the people when I worked as National Operations Manager, although it taught me many business lessons, I missed the people and the direct impact I could make on their lives, through their performance

So I did what any well respecting high performing woman would do, I ditched the 9-5, I started my own business from scratch, I struggled a little (well a lot) I met with friends to help me create this dream job of helping others.   

On Business Building

“I employed the services of some top performing coaches and here I am, Helping women in the exact way I want to, with my Fit For Business program, helping them free up their time, master their money and expand their impact.” 

Rhonda Muller

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March 2, 2020

If you have not seen the movie hidden