Coaching Women In Business

Hi I'm Rhonda, since I can remember, I have worked as a leader and  as a sales coach, it's my passion, it's the thing I love to do.  It's funny really, most of us get very nervous when it comes time to have that dreaded sales conversation, I just happen to love, what everyone else hates.

So when I reached a roadblock in my career, I decided to ditch the 9-5 corporate jungle and take the leap of faith and go out on my own, create a business from my passion.

In doing this I considered it to be a simple transition.

 I have learnt a lot, many trials and tribulations later, I now have the formula for what it takes to create profitable businesses based on passion.  

So these days I specialise in converting your leads into your clients, I call this my fast path to clients program and I coach you through the process of having conversations that count.

Creating connections with your followers, building relationships and collaborating are all keys to creating successful businesses and this is what we work through together, so you have a business you are proud of.

Discover how you can have clients when you want them, click the link below 

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