Is Your Business An Opportunity or Idea

I still remember the day that completely changed the way I do business.    One of my coaches asked me, is my business an idea or an opportunity.  What?  I said, not really sure what she meant.   Fast forward to today and  I know exactly what was meant by that question.

Businesses are created on both IDEAS and OPPORTUNITIES, let me explain some more about this for you

A business that is created from an an “IDEA”  usually starts out like this:  

You have worked in an industry for awhile, you have became very skilled at your craft and decided to ditch the 9-5.  so you head out on your own.    You take the very thing you were  doing as an employee and you create a business of your own doing it, marketing, nutrition, fitness, health, wealth, retail, human resources, accountancy and all of the trades etc.  You have turned your job into a business.   In effect you become your own boss, doing that exact same thing you got paid to do as an employee.  

A business that is created from an “OPPORTUNITY” usually starts out like this:

The Hero’s Journey, You have experienced something, some type of problem, found the solution to the problem that you had and know there are a lot more people out there that have this very exact same problem, so you decide to create a business to solve that actual problem.   Software companies, inventors, specialised coaches, marketers and other professional services, tend to go in this direction.

This is the entrepreneurial world of problem solving and opportunity and business idea meet, the two have very significant differences in each.  This is where these two are very different, so listen carefully.

  1. The ideas business: creates the business, then goes and finds clients that may use their services on a generic level the hunter and the gathering, always having to go out and find more clients
  2. The opportunity business: solves a specific problem and goes out and tells people what they do, has a message and specialises in just the ONE thing, creates a reputation for what they do, people get to know you for that thing they do. 

The opportunity business: works best for coaches and experts as it solves a very specific problem someone maybe experiencing, it refines right down to the solution it offers, that attracts the right people, that have that very problem and want to solve that problem.    It is adopted on the one problem / one solution methodology.

When I started out I was in the idea bucket, a business coach that helps you to grow your business, utilising my leadership and sales skills.  I struggled to attract the right clients to work with, it was hard, I remember one day, one of my friends said to me, Rhonda I had a call from a lady the other day, she asked what you actually do?  

After further development I was able to identify the problem that my business solved which is be so good you need no introduction.   That is how 10K Months Blueprint was developed.   

Look at your business, are you an idea business, kind of having a few things you do, many areas of expertise, trying to be something everyone needs, selling to a mass market of people, or are you an opportunity business, nailing your niche right down to the few people that have the problem you solve.

It’s best to get in front of a few people that are candidates for what you offer, vs, get in front of a room full of people that you have to convince and sell what you do and how you can help them to.  Think about why you buy, when you part with your hard earned cash, It’s because you have a need you want to solved.   

When you can turn your business into an opportunity and connect with the people that have the problem your business solves, you will attract the right kind of people to work with, having to go out and hunt and gather for clients will become a thing of the past.

If you would like further help with this, it would be my pleasure to work with you on this, you can book a virtual coffee chat here, or you could simply jump over to my Elevate B School and pick up the “She Gets Me”  Business Booster

Until Next Time xx

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