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The 10 Traits Of Successful Women

If you have not seen the movie hidden figures yet, add this to your list as a movie to watch.    Katherine Johnson, just this week passed away at the age of 101 years. Katherine made history as one of a group of black women mathematicians at NASA  who were celebrated in the 2016 movie.

The team at NASA  asked Katherine for the moon and so she gave it to them, with her pencil and slide rule, Katherine would calculate the trajectories that would lead to Apollo 11 landing on the moon. In her story Katherine speaks of much adversity, being black and how her whole group were the subject of segregation due to skin colour and race,  through all of this adversity, Katherine stayed strong and tells how she never felt inferior, she never had, her belief was one of humility “I am as good as anyone else, But, not better than anyone”.

As it turns out, women who achieve amazing things all tend to have a few common traits. Here are just a few that you can attempt to cultivate or recognise within yourself.

1. Assertiveness

If you find yourself being somewhat of a “YES” girl or someone who has a tendency to apologise a lot,  then you might need to harden your assertiveness quotient. Trade that inner pussycat for an uncaged tiger. 

2. Empathy

A lot of women think that “typically female” traits like empathy are to be downplayed, because that could make them appear soft or something of a people pleaser.  Instead empathy is a real asset, being empathetic means you have the ability to truly listen and understand where others are coming from, this is the best trait for uncovering needs and desires.   Understand the difference between being empathetic and don’t get yourself derailed by being sympathetic.  

3. Passion

You can be the smartest or sharpest in what you do, however, without passion for what you’re doing, you’re likely not to elevate your work to the next stage. Loving what you do means being innovative, striving, challenging yourself. And it makes the time you put in pleasurable and worth every moment of your journey to the top. Passion also brings a level of energy, which you’ll need to persevere.

4. Imperfection

Trying to be your very own version of “perfect” or expecting perfection from those you surround yourself with, is a one way ticket to misery, highly successful women, understand there is no perfect and they embrace their flaws.     Successful women have a good understanding of their own strengths and find people to work with that compliment the areas they are not strong at.

5. Power

Create your own workplace, lead your team in your own way.   The most successful women Rise to the top. They hire the best people they can find that have better skills than they have.   They know that their own success relies on how well they build their people. 

6. Faith

Believe in yourself. Believe that you will be successful. Believe in your crazy ideas. And be ready to think on your feet in order to realise them. You could also call this ego—the confidence to get done what you need to get done, no one will buy into what you believe in, until such time as you passionately believe in it yourself.

7. Adaptability

If stress consumes you, then you might have a hard time in your rise to success. You will feel more capable of dealing with situations as they arise, if you focus only on the issue at hand.   Not everything, or everyone, just the one issue.   Find ways to relax, resting your mind, so when events arise you are fuelled to make quicker decisions to resolve them.

8. Courage

What would you do if you had no fear? Taking risks doesn’t necessarily mean being reckless, but it does mean making calculated decisions and trying things that might be considered “risky.”  Exercise this muscle by taking small risks and building from there.

9. Selfcare

Really successful people rest as hard as they play. They take good physical care of themselves: exercising and eating right, taking mental health days if possible   Knowing when to say "no" and when to take alone time, etc. They’re able to step away from their never ending to-do lists and do something that will recharge them with enough fuel so they can keep powering through.

10. Gratitude

Successful women realise that their success did not occur in as a solo effort, in their business and in their personal life.   They are able to say thank you and express genuine gratitude and appreciation to the people who have helped them get to where they are. They treat their colleagues with kindness and respect and receive respect and admiration in return.


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