Go From Unknown To Well Known

LEARN HOW!  to make this happen… even if you think you have tried everything

Here's What I Know!

  • Your a real woman of substance, a  thought leader with your own business , your smart and you know your stuff, in fact your a subject matter expert (SME) but, despite your best efforts  -  the clients and the money are not really what you'd say "flowing in" 
  • At best, you would describe your business income as "variable"   sometimes you have peak and troughs in the flow 
  • You want to learn how to turn on the money tap and keeping it flowing in on a consistent basis 

Congratulations, You Have Come To  The Right Place!

Why things may not have worked for you so far!

  It comes down to the possibility of  two things:

  1. You have money beliefs that could be self sabotaging your efforts and you have been programmed as a young child with limiting money beliefs
  2. Your marketing is off or inconsistent to say the least, you are marketing but not getting the clients you want, because your not really sure how to find your kind of clients.

Let's Move You Past These Blocks?


The 10K Months Business Blueprint

Mastering Your Mindset & Your Money! 

Here's What You Can Expect To Get!     |  26 Weeks Of Support

Money Making Mindset

Make powerful shifts in the way you think, you can still help others in your very caring sharing ways, whilst at the same time get paid for your expertise.  

Go From Unknown To Well Known

Practical and useful marketing activities for you to do on a daily basis, that get you working with your kind of people, connecting  and sharing your expertise., so you go from unknown to well known 

The Game Of Momentum

Make a game of it, have fun whilst taking the necessary daily actions that you have set in place   Achieve your income goals by building momentum into your business

What Else You'll Get!

  • Helpful Resources & Cheat Sheets To Speed Up Your Results
  • Q  & A Sessions To Get All Your Questions Answered
  • Worksheets to Complete That Set You Up for Success
  • Limiting Beliefs Buster Masterclass
  • A community of women all playing The Game of Momentum together
  • Weekly accountability check-ins that keep you on track 

A Coaching Session & Each and Every Week Of The Program to Ask Your Questions & Move Through Any Blocks As They Come Up


Some Added Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Facebook Marketing

Get Noticed In The Feed

  • Create your facebook page so it passes the scroll test?
  • Get your cover to tell your business story for you!
  • Discover how to post useful information that gets clicks, shares and interest. 
Bonus 2
Perfect Pitch

Master Your Message

  • Discover how to change the way you explain what you do, move from pitch to story 
  • Get clear on what problem you solve and who would want that problem solved & how to find them
  • Change your language to talk in results, because that's really what people are buying from you. so they say, YES!  
Bonus 3
Business Storytelling

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

  • People don't connect with what you do, they connect with why you do what you do
  • Connection happens when you are most passionate, share what matters most to you, share your passion
  • Share your why! 

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