June 28


What Am I Actually Worth?

Over the last six months I’ve been fortunate enough to discover something.  After working with female entrepreneurs, something seems to come up on a regular basis. So, if you’re a coach, consultant or expert that helps women with their Health, Business, Relationships and you are struggling to hit that first milestone in your business of a five figure month

Then this post has been written for you.

Over the last few years, I’ve met A LOT of super talented women who reach out to me for help. Typically, they come to me with amazing business ideas, they have developed into a business and they want to make their mark on the world and impact more lives. but many are not sure how to do it.

Most of the time they need my help because they’ve lost momentum and are feeling really stuck.  I get it…It’s actually really easy to get into this cycle.

I call it “Spinning Your Wheels” which involves doing a whole lot of work, for very little to no income, it’s the worst

The thing is, though….

After being able to turn their situations around time and time again, One common theme kept cropping up for the reason they were struggling to reach their five figure month wasn’t that their expertise wasn’t valuable… or that their competitors were “too good” or “better than them”…

  • It wasn’t that they are not smart enough, techy enough, or even experienced enough
  • It was usually about the business model that they had chosen and the sequence of actions they were taking.
  • The way way they presented themselves to their market simply was not serving them and after working closely with these women I come to realise:

All it took was one or two SIMPLE tweaks for them to achieve the same big outcome, others were achieving. An outcome we all strive for…

…and what I believe is the #1 reason behind why we all end up starting our own purpose driven business in the first place.

Financial Freedom


Creating financial freedom and lifestyle of choice is why you got into this business, right?!

  1. To live life on your own terms…
  2. To be able to help others by doing what you love each day..
  3. To live and work the way you want to live and work…
  4. To provide for and spend quality time with the people in your life that really matter to you.

I want you to know that I’m about to reveal something that has the power to change everything for you…And guess what? Achieving this financial freedom and lifestyle of choice as a female entrepreneur comes down to just…

ONE NUMBER in your business.

A number that you must focus on solely with all your energy until it is reached.

…and yes. You guessed it.

I have a name for this number

The Good Life Metric

The Good Life Metric. Every business has one…Including yours…

…and I am going to show you how to reach it.

Your Good Life Metric is your monthly revenue number… that allows you to finally take a step back and breathe.

  1. You know that the bills are going to be paid and that there will still be money left over at the end of the month.
  2. Money that will start affording you that lifestyle you have dreamed of… the lifestyle you set out to achieve when you first started out in your business.

So to answer your next question…

Yes, The Good Life Metric does vary depending on your industry.

But if you’re reading this I would say there is a pretty strong chance you’re a coach, consultant, or heart based service entrepreneur. Meaning, you help people with their health, relationships, business or finances. If so, this applies to you:

So, what is your Good Life Metric going to be?

Drum roll please…it differs from person to person, but, a good place to start is

$10,000 per month.

The Validation Process

At $10,000 month means a lot of things have already started to happen…

  1. You have validated and proven your concept.
  2. You have created a solid offer and product.
  3. You are earning A LOT more than you would be if you were stuck in that old JOB.
  4. You know how to sell your expertise
  5. You have developed the skills needed to take your business to the next level of 7-figures a year…


$10,000 a month (or $100,000 a year) in revenue is a daunting number for a lot of female entrepreneurs.  I get that, but it doesn’t need to be…Like I said, if you’ve been working too hard for your Good Life Metric and you’re still not hitting it…Chances are, a few simple tweaks to how you’ve set up your business could be all it takes.

The two biggest tweaks I make when a coach or consultant comes to me wanting help are:

1. They aren’t charging enough, because they have not yet recognised their value, I teach them my value pricing model


2. They aren’t having human-to-human conversations within their market, I show them the process to creating content that connects and get them leads.

They’re afraid of running a human to human sales conversation…especially when it comes to the close.  So they hide behind the computer screen, facebook paid ads, paid advertising, complicated funnels, and other time-wasters instead.  If this is you, then this is the adult conversation we need to have

Now don’t get me wrong…  There is definitely a time and place for a sophisticated, automated selling machine like a funnel…that creates passive income But NOT when you are first starting out.

And DEFINITELY NOT if you haven’t hit your Good Life Metric. yet

So focus on what your good life metric is going to be and design a product/offer for your clients that is full of value.   Remember, your are in the business of solving problems for people and if you solve the problem they want solved, then they will come direct to you.


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