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This Time Next Year

The Money Method

Together, we take stock of your services, what you offer, what you know, and turn all of that into irresistible programs, packages and systems that make prospective clients sit up, take notice and want to work with you. 

We also look at your positioning what you offer and combine that into the "one unique program" that you get known for, I show you how to price your offer so that it sells itself and brings in more clients and makes you more money


The Offer Method

We will examine exactly where you are positioned in the marketplace, we explore  your“compelling story” .   What will motivate prospective clients to work with you, what makes your services unique and who your competitors are, we focus on what differentiates you from your competitors.

We will also spend time figuring out what you offer specifically in terms of results and benefits to clients, because that’s what clients really go for.

Magnetic Messaging Method

Together, we will find out exactly who your ideal clients are: the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU their ideal problem-solver.

We also decide on  the best ways to reach them in large numbers and together we construct your compelling marketing message, so you really do not have to sell a thing because your message is so clear, it explains exactly what you do, this includes your tag line,  your pitch and the language you use in your content.

Magnetic Marketing Method

We review when in the day (and look at how ) you are allocating time for marketing your program to find clients, we look at how you plan your schedule, prioritise your daily tasks & schedule in follow up time.

More importantly we identify those non essential tasks "time thieves" put a pause on them, so you can fully invest yourself in marketing activities that actually bring in clients & money into your business. 

Marketing Pie Method

We will spend considerable time “going where your clients go” and putting together a fine tuned specific plan that reaches them, using your compelling marketing messages, we do this easily and organically. 

When that plan is in place and running smoothly, we can add another slice of the marketing pie, into our marketing activities, we do not introduce another marketing slice,  until each piece is running as smooth as clockwork 

The Sales Method

It's not practical to  put so much effort into marketing and finding clients, if you are not confident in  how to close the sale properly.

Here we take you step-by-very-specific step through the selling is helping method  that wins them over every time. This step alone will start making you more money than you’re making right now.


The Trust Method

Get out there in a BIG way.   

We will share with you how to gain the crucial “know-like-and-trust factor” and start educating your clients and personal advocates in how to send you referrals.

We also examine everything you need to do to get out there and be seen as a thought leader in your niche, without getting distracted by your competition.   


The Autopilot Method

There is never a time that you will stop marketing completely—unless you want to NOT have clients. This will always be a key business function.   The good news is, we will implement true systems to make sure it’s never too time-consuming or full of effort.

The systems we put in place and will almost run by themselves and soon you will be literally signing on new clients you didn’t even know, through your automated marketing funnels 

Who Benefits Most From This Program 

Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators

This method works for people just like you, coaches, consultants and course creating professionals who are really good at what you do, however,  you have never really been shown how to set up  business systems that attract clients so that you have your business running like a well oiled machine. 

Female Entrepreneurs

It’s especially ideal for experts that operate solely in their business and could use more clients.  The program  will get you to reexamine what you’ve done so far, then streamline, rethink, systematise and help you make your marketing efforts much more rewarding (in the form of more clients and more money coming in).

Passionate Caring Souls

No matter what your area of expertise or micro niche that you operate in, we have a program that has been designed to be the right fit,  for people who are absolutely excited and deadly serious about getting more clients and ending what I call “Self Doubt Moments” meaning, putting an end to those  waking up in the middle of the night moments asking “should I just go out and get a job?”

The List Of Who We Work With Grows Daily 

Who Gets The Best Results

  • Business & Money Coaches 
  • Copywriters & Marketing Experts
  • Life Coaches, Mindset Experts & Speakers
  • Authors, Consultants & Course Creators

Who May Not Get Results With The Program

  • Owners of Large Companies  
  • People Who Sell Physical Products
  • Sceptics Who Make A Lot Of Excuses
  • Serial Complainers Who Don't Have The Time To Commit

What You Can Expect To Get By Completing This Program

Let’s face it. You're not buying this program simply because you wanted to go through the paces and review the process. No, you got this because you want real results. OK, so how quickly could you expect to see these results?

This depends on how long you’ve been in business and how totally committed you are to investing yourself and your time to do the worksheets outlined in the exercises. And, you’ve got to put a lot of work into this. It doesn’t happen on its own, trust me. 

But when you do the work, you’ll be happy to see the results.

It can take up to 4 years for the average online  business to become fully profitable, That said, virtually all of my clients see results within the first few months in the form of new clients or new prospects. This program will have paid for itself over the next few months.   Some results you may expect to see are that you will be signing up new clients, existing clients will stay on and give you repeat business, you will get more referrals as you get known for having a system that actually works.  

Not Sure If This Is For You - See How This Works?

  • Drill right down to identify the EXACT client  who will pay your worth
  • Create a compelling marketing message that draws clients to you
  • Make yourself stand out as the expert in your micro niche
  • Create a solid rinse and repeat marketing strategy
  • Have your clients write powerful testimonials
  • Set Up a Referral System
  • Learn how to handle clients & your time effectively
  • Reach your clients in large numbers and network effectively & organically
  • Close the sale without ever feeling sales-y
  • Become the perceived expert in your field and get paid accordingly
  • Develop Strategic Alliances & Referral Partnerships

Let's Chat: Book Your Virtual Coffee Chat Today!

Let's connect and see if this program suits you, there will never be any pressure selling, in fact I teach the opposite. I will share with you which program would be right for you, either, the Fit For Business or the 10K Months Blueprint or the full comprehensive This Time Next Year program dependant on where you are at in your business.

I'll share with you some immediate tips for you to move closer to your business goals, I am a no need, no sale kind of girl.  I let my programs sell themselves, having said that I would love to chat with you and help you with any business questions you might have, let's connect