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Do you set goals and then notice along the way, you have lost focus, drifted or worse still forgotten completely about what you set out to achieve.   Don't worry it happens to most of us, that is why I have created this year long journey, that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.  I have made it my goal to help you achieve your goals, using the This Time Next Year (TTNY) system©

Hi I'm Rhonda, I have been helping leaders in teams and in their own businesses, achieve their goals for longer than I can remember, my speciality is business leadership and sales, my passion is working with women in self made businesses. Personally I am on a mission to support 10,000 women in Australia to lead their lifestyle business with a sense of balance, purpose and profitability.  

- rhonda muller

This Time Next Year

A Program That Makes Your Business Profitable


The Momentum Method

The Momentum Method (Months 0-4): This step-by-step plan will help you identify a winning program/product idea, Uncover your micro niche target market and develop your selling skills so your followers are compelled to buy, this program takes your business from existing to excelling and profitable.   


The Growth Method

The Growth Method (Months 5-8): Once you're in business for a while servicing clients, you will want to discover how to use low cost and effective advertising strategies to get your product out to the masses, outsource, automate and create systems, so you can have a profitable business, whilst working less.


The Go For Gold Method

The Go For Gold Method (Months 9-12): It's time to establish a suite of products available for sale within your niche that take your business profitability up another notch and gets you over  the 5 figure mark In your business $100K -$1M

Goal Achievement This Time Next Year

With only 3% of people writing down their goals and only 1% of people ever reviewing or tweaking their goals, it is not surprising only 8% of people ever achieve the goals they set out to achieve, over the long term.

That is why in the This Time Next Year Program we set milestones not goals, milestones on where we want to be during the year, remember, it's not about the destination, it is always about the journey, we build momentum and progress, we measure progress, because any progress is good progress.  

Are You Ready To Make Significant Change In Your Business To Achieve Your Financial Freedom?

Clarify Your Direction - So you have a roadmap to follow

Develop your action plan - So you know the exact steps to take each day

Optimise Your Current Environment & Schedule - So you have "YOU" time 

Maximise Your Natural Skills & Talents - So you only do what you love 

Outsource & Automate those all too time consuming tasks you dislike doing - So you are not working in overwhelm with too much to do all the time

Manage The Head Talk & Create Strategies to Overcome Obstacles - So you reach your "This Time Next Year" goal with ease  

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